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Pitchblack Playback: Miles Davis 'Kind of Blue'
Pitchblack Playback: Miles Davis 'Kind of Blue'

Pitchblack Playback: Miles Davis 'Kind of Blue'

Pitchblack Playback: Miles Davis 'Kind Of Blue'

*Please arrive by event start time as latecomers will not be admitted and refunds will not be offered*

Hear one of the greatest albums of all time like never before at Pitchblack Playback's listening session in the dark. Hear this peerless record in all its glory and detail in uncompressed 24-bit ultra-high resolution audio on our powerful Screen One sound system. No distractions; just you and the music.

"This sounds great" - Rick Rubin
"A fabulous idea" - Jay Kay, Jamiroquai
"It's the way I remember experiencing music when I was a teenager, turning out the lights and just allowing myself to be carried away by the music" - Steven Wilson
"I have an out-of-body experience every time I go" - Jonny, artist manager

Ticket includes Pitchblack Playback eye mask for extra darkness.

As recommended by The Guardian, GQ, Time Out, Metro and Newsweek.

Duration: 46 minutes

This event is not affiliated with Miles Davis or Sony Music.