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Atatürk 1881-1919
Atatürk 1881-1919

Atatürk 1881-1919

The new film by Mehmet Ada Öztekin shows the years 1881 to 1919 in the life of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is born in Thessaloniki at the end of the 19th century. He is badly affected by the attacks suffered by his father at the hands of the mob. His father, Ali Riza Bey’s business and health take a turn for the worse. A while later, he passes.

For Zübeyde Hanim, her son is the center of the world and nothing must happen to him. The future she envisions for her son is for him to go to the local school and become an imam as per tradition.

This grandeur future Zübeyde Hanim wants for her little son Mustafa, compared to the huge fire in him, is like a small hay.

Mustafa Kemal graduates from the academy in 1905 as a Staff Captain. From 1905 to 1919 he serves in various places on Ottoman lands including Syria, Tripoli, Thessaloniki and Kars. He realizes that the authority in his country is already in jeopardy and that merit and patriotism no longer exist.

Mustafa Kemal feels he has run out of options. In his own words ‘the country is in flames just like his father’s logs burnt by the mob. He must do something to save it.

As Namik Kemal said; The enemy had struck its blade into the heart of the nation. But surely, someone will come forth and save its bleak destiny.