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Lørdag 22. maj
Ni te me Acerques - BRAVO

Ni te me Acerques - BRAVO

Ni te me Acerques - BRAVO

Spain, 2020
Norberto Ramos del Val
Comedy (1h36)

Juan is a debutant writer who gets a job as a security guard at the Ariño health resort, a mining zone where he wants to set his very first novel at. His intentions were to try and mix his new two-week job with his narrative dreams, but right when he wants to return to Madrid, he falls victim to a rather surrealist lockdown at the hotel because of the alarm state, so well-known by all of us. During the lockdown, he goes through different periods of pleasure and angst, he grows fond of his new state, and receives calls and video conferences from his friends, his mother and his girlfriend, with whom he was going to marry.