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Los Adoptantes - BRAVO
Los Adoptantes - BRAVO

Los Adoptantes - BRAVO

Argentina, 2019
Daniel Gimelberg
Romantic Comedy / LGBT (1h45)

Martín a 42-year-old TV Presenter, tells Leonardo a 45-year-old agronomist and his partner for ten years, his desire to be a parent by adopting a baby. He feels deep down the need to be a father as soon as possible. Leonardo, having been adopted himself, has doubts. Through Martín job they meet two orphaned brothers at a hildren's Transit Home.. That relationship will soon lead the couple to rethink the priorities they've had so far. A path that transforms them, changing the way they see their lives.

"The adopters" puts forward a modern, unprejudiced and broad look of the search these two men who love each other go through.